Meet Luna & James, the impossibly attractive young Parisian couple amassing an understandably enthusiastic online following. Since starting sharing their homemade sex videos online in mid-2017, they quickly became the most talked about couple on popular sex-sharing platform Lustery, through beautifully shot and invariably explicit insights into their ‘blossoming’ sex life.

“Everything started about a year ago when I (James) made a joke about an article I read on couple making money through broadcasting themselves online while having sex. A few weeks later we were both naked in front of our computer’s webcam, and even though the experience was a little awkward at first, we loved it!”

After unleashing their newfound exhibitionism, they came across Lustery - and a whole community of couples doing just as they were, except in full video form. “We started making real videos about 6 months later when Lustery offered us the opportunity to make a sex tape for their site. There were no instructions and no rules (except for having fun and keeping things natural) and they convinced us to give it a try.”

“Lustery (and sharing our videos in general) has « completely » changed and shaped our life. On a personal level, we feel that it has brought us even closer as a couple and made our sex life even better than it originally was. People sometimes ask us if it doesn't take the «magic» away and if it doesn’t get boring sometimes. It’s actually the complete opposite! We are more self-aware, more confident in our bodies and we have the perfect opportunity to try new things while sharing them with the world. We would absolutely recommend it to other couples!”

“We now have a very wide range and love everything from tender love-making with lots of cuddling and eye contact to rough fucking with deepthroats, spankings, bondage and trash talking! As of late, we’ve introduced anal into our regular sex life too!”

To see all of Luna James’ videos, view their Lustery profile here.