Charlotte McKinney's Boobs Are Even More Beautiful Now

The day a caveman slammed two rocks together to make fire; The night we landed on the moon; The day that Mr. Skin first went online; These dates are among some of the most important events in all of human history. To be a part of history is truly something special and today we are all going to be part of a day that will never be forgotten. For today is the day we get our first look at Charlotte McKinney topless.

Oh sure, we’ve seen hints of Charlotte McKinney’s awesome boobs before, maybe in a see-through bra or a loose fitting top, but we’ve never gotten to see them unobstructed, a clear view, that is… until today. Photographer Tony Kelly, who I assume will win the Noble Prize For Boobs, is putting together a book (hopefully it’s an entire book of Charlotte McKinney topless) and was able to finally reward us for all our wishing and dreaming and get Charlotte McKinney to bare her beautiful breasts. Really, it’s kind of bringing a tear to my eye, Charlotte McKinney’s breast. It’s just so… so… breastiful.

And this is only the beginning, or at least I hope it’s only the beginning, of Charlotte McKinney being nude. I know I could do a quick search and find out when this book is coming out, but I really don’t want to look away from the screen. Charlotte McKinney topless, I hope we have a parade next to celebrate this great moment in history.