Heather Graham Is So Hot She Deserves Love

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report the lovely and often bikini-clad Heather Graham is back on the market. Yes, it would seem she and her Australian hunk of a boyfriend have called it quits. I know, it’s a sad day for all, and when I’m feeling blue I look to at some Heather Graham nude scenes to make me feel better.

Hey, breakups are never easy, even when it’s the right thing to do. And sure, there might be some people out there celebrating that Heather Graham is single again. Some people might think now that she’s single, she’ll dive into work, and do some new movies with some new nude scenes. Some people might even be thinking that maybe, just maybe, they’ll get stuck in an elevator with her for seven hours, only to fall love, be freed, and then race off to city hall to get hitched right then and there, but those are only dreams. Personally, I want Heather Graham to be happy, and whether she finds happiness with some Australian dude or a random guy she gets trapped in an elevator with, it doesn’t matter. If Heather Graham is happy, then the world is happy.

Hopefully she’s surrounded by good friends, who are doing their best to cheer her up. Maybe they should take her out for drinks or maybe they should take her on a getaway, you know somewhere warm, like the beach, where she can wear a bikini and post pics on Instagram. I know that would cheer me—I mean her—up.

via Us Magazine