We Need A New Halle Berry Topless Scene

They say that diamonds are forever, but I think that Halle Berry’s cleavage is probably a close second. Maybe I’m just not a diamond type of guy, I’d take Halle Berry’s cleavage any day over some shiny piece of coal.  

I think it’s safe to say that we all remember the first time we saw Halle Berry's breasts; it was a pretty unforgettable moment because there were many of us who thought that day would never happen. And I have to say, while seeing her breasts for the first time was great, I’m kind of feeling like it’s time to see them again. Maybe it’s just because I can’t stop staring at her cleavage in this ensemble at some kind of event for Tiffany & Co., but I’m really thinking we are all due for a new viewing of Halle Berry’s fantastic breasts.  

Also, we should talk for a moment about how great Halle Berry’s cleavage is next to Reese Witherspoon's cleavage and Jennifer Garner's sexiness. Maybe the three of them can team up for a movie in the near future. Maybe something that takes places on a beach or a locker room or maybe they could all be rival lingerie models. Look, I’m not a plot guy, I’m sure Hollywood can come up with something for these three beautiful ladies to do.

And just in case you've forgotten what they look like without a bra on: