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Glitter Tribe

Glitter Tribe (2015)

Brief Nudity


(0:03) Zora Von Pavonine is being interviewed in lingerie. It is preceded by shots of her on stage in various sexy outfits and lingerie talking about how much she loves fashion.(0:04) Zora Von Pavonine comes out on stage in burlesque lingerie doing a feather dance. She undoes her top from behind and we get glimpses of her pierced and bespecled breasts.(0:05) Angelique DeVil is on stage in lingeire showing up her "assles" shaking her buns with tassles on them. Then we get a montage of her dnacing on stage in different outfits.(0:09) FIVE WOMEN on stage in lingerie. Then we see them all showin their breasts with pasties over them. They include Angelique DeVil and Babs Jamboree.(0:12) More Angelique DeVil in lingerie on stage. We see her buns in a thong.  Then she takes down her top to reveal glow in the dark pasties over her breasts.(0:15) Zora Von Pavonine in her purple lingerie outfit preparing herself backstage.(0:18) BRUNETTE looking at herself in the mirror checking out the little pasties over her breasts.(0:17) TWO WOMEN on stage in lingerie. Then Babs Jamboree is stripped to her panties and then we see her breasts with little pasties on them. The TWO WOMEN shows her pasty-covered breasts too,.(0:18) Bush and pasty-covered breasts on Angelique DeVil backstage. Next to Zora Von Pavonine showing some bush from the side. Then Angelique DeVil turns around to show her buns as she helps another girl into costume.(0:19) Babs Jamboree begins stripping on stage from her burrito-costume to her stringy green bathing suit. Then we see her buns and pasty-covered breasts. A jalapeno pasty is placed over her crotch.(0:24) Ivizia Dakini in stage doing a fire dance in lingerie and pasties over breasts.(0:28) Babs Jamboree doing a "mermaid" dance with  a giant fish head hile her legs are displayed. After putting herself in the "hot oil" she comes out in bra and panties and shakes the tassles on her breasts.(0:30) Breasts backstage on Zora Von Pavonine getting ready.(0:35) Sandria Dore in a bra and thong panties doing her routine on stage. She takes off her top showing large tassles over her breasts.(0:38) Ivizia Dakini unzips her masked outfit on stage and shows her panties while contorting on the ground.(0:40) Ivizia Dakini on stage in her panties with her legs thrust in the air while a Jesus puppet is by her crotch.(0:40) Ivizia Dakini now is in a different lingerie outfit with black tape X'd on her breasts.(0:42) Angelique DeVil in stage in covered lingerie on stage doing a routine with Zora. She strips down to her black lingerie(0:48) Violet Omigod in little booty shoots traching a class. Then she is in a full body leather outfit dancing in a studio also showing some nice cleavage.(0:50) FIVE WOMEN on stage dancing to Britney Spears.(0:51) Sandria Dore sitting on stage in her panties.(0:54) Sandria Dore strips out of her dress on stage to get down to her and panties. Her pasty-covered breasts and partially visible. Then the bra comes off showing her breasts with pasties.(0:59) Zora Von Pavonine strips down to her showgirl lingerie on stage. She will get down to show her pasty-covered breasts.(1:05) A DANCER in bra and panties is on stage with a guy.(1:06) Zora Von Pavonine's pasty-covered breasts are visible in the mirror. Babs Jamboree is in a bra. Then Zora Von Pavonine's thong-clad buns are visible when the other girls leave.(1:10) More of Babs Jamboree in her green bathing suit on stage.(1:10) Violet Omigod and Kimberly Yannariello in lingerie sitting in chairs on stage.(1:11) Sandria Dore in a full body silver leotard on stage.(1:11) Zora Von Pavonine in a Wonder Woman-like outfit on stage and then shaking her tassles with Angelique DeVil who also show their pasty-covered breasts.(1:13) More of the ladies in lingerie on stage during the end credits.