Or Get Ready To Keep Crushing On Liv Tyler!

Damn it, damn it, damn it, now I’ve got a huge crush on Liv Tyler again. I know we all, at one point or another, have had—or still have—a crush on Liv Tyler. After all, she’s Liv Tyler. But while my crush has been tamped down over the years, it's never fully gone away, I’ve just been able to think about things other than Liv Tyler’s hotness. Then she goes and does a sexy lingerie shoot and pulls back me in!

Man oh man, I just know I’m going to be on a Liv Tyler binge for quite some time and I have a few pictures of her in a black, lacy, and super sexy bra and panty set to blame for it. Think about that, just think about that for a moment. That’s all it took for the flood gates of my Liv Tyler crush to come billowing forth was a few bra and panty pics. Not naked, not topless, not bottomless Liv Tyler pics. It wasn’t a steamy new love scene in a movie. It wasn’t even a sexy guest spot on some television show. It takes so little to get all those juices flowing again. But, then again, what do you expect? Liv Tyler is like really hot.

So, I’m going to be cleaning out my calendar for the next few weeks, maybe even the whole month, so I can spend all my waking hours crushing over Liv Tyler. I wonder how many days of fawning over her these lingerie pics will get me, probably quite a few.