For today's Foreign Film Friday we are going back in time and overseas to one of our favorite places for lesbian films: France. Viva la France and their love of lesbians that dates all the way back to the seventies in this sexy black-and-white flick called Je, tu, il, Elle.

Foreign Film Friday: French Lesbians in Je, tu, il, elle

The title translates to I, You, He, She and it is one of the early films from legendary French director Chantal Akerman. In this movie, however, Chantal also stars. Plus she goes nude! How's that for some cinema trivia? Impress your francophile friends with the tit-bit that Chantal Akerman got nude in a sapphic sex scene in one of her own films. It doesn't get much better than that!

Foreign Film Friday: French Lesbians in Je, tu, il, elleForeign Film Friday: French Lesbians in Je, tu, il, elle

The plot follows a heartbroken woman who does everything she can to get over a breakup. She eats sugar, she redecorates, she writers her former lover letters, she cries. Finally, she decides to do something drastic, so she goes on a small adventure which includes giving a trucker a handjob. She finally heads over to her female lover's home where Chantal Akerman gets it on with Claire Wauthon in a black-and-white beautiful lovemaking scene that is sure to titillate.This film can be very hard-to-find, but Chantal Akerman's other films are not. Neither are movies where French chicks get it on with each other. Check out this sexy playlist filled with other French babes to drool over: