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Flowers in the Attic

Flowers in the Attic (2014)

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The latest film adaptation of V.C. Andrews twisted family thriller Flowers in the Attic (2014) ups the ante in virtually every way. They've cranked the crazy up to 11 and hewed more closely to the book than the first adaptation from 1987. The film tells the story of four children who must now live with their insane grandmother (Ellen Burstyn) following the death of their father. Two of the children stay hidden in the attic to avoid her wrath and end up having a forbidden relationship due to their isolation and messed up family dynamics. Heather Graham played their mother, and in one of the more melodramatic moments in the film, Burstyn tells her to remove her shirt and show the children her whip marks, which is what will happen to them if they miss with her. In the process we get to see Heather's hooters hidden beneath a ridiculous looking cone bra! We didn't expect much skin, as this is a Lifetime movie, but it would have been nice to get a little cleavage at least! Best to just stay up in the attic rather than sit through this film!