It Really Does Look Like Sharon Stone

If you ever wanted to re-enact scenes from Basic Instinct, but never felt comfortable asking your friends or family to play along with you, then today is going to be a great day. For you see a Blitzway, an action figure company, will soon be releasing a 1/4-scale version of Catherine Tramell in the interrogation room.

Even I have to admit the action figure looks pretty damn spot on. For a few minutes I wasn’t sure if this was a real life, full size version of Sharon Stone or a smaller action figure version of Sharon Stone, the detail is that great. Since I’m kind of at a loss for words over this one, here is what the company making the action figure has to say:

She is tremendously mysterious and audacious, with irresistibly sensual and glamorous beauty of boasting sexual attractions. It is such a pleasure to present Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct through the “Superb Scale Statue (1/4 Scale)” in BLITZWAY, as her name truly represents the sexiest icon and movie star of American century. A character of heinous and atrocious killer representing the 1990s, with another distinctive type of characteristic from Dr. Hannibal Lecter – Catherine Tramell.

In this project, we used the most impressive scene of the movie – “Catherine in the interrogation room”, to convey the inner side of Catherine to her facial expressions from boldly enjoying a psychological game, along with expressing her dignity through her body and outstanding poses. Furthermore, a new technique of head painting presents more realistic facial looks of the actress.

I don’t care how weird it sounds, but I might actually be buying my first action figure since I was kid. Though maybe I’ll buy a few more from this company so I can tell everyone I’m just a movie buff and not obsessed withthat scene from Basic Instinct. Still, you have to admit this action figure, if you can call it that, looks really damn good. No word on whether a Michael Douglas or Wayne Knight figure will follow.