It's Easy To Deal With Elizabeth Banks Hotness

There is no debating it, Elizabeth Banks is super hot. We need oxygen to breathe, 75% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, and Elizabeth Banks is super hot; these statements are 100% truthful facts that cannot be disputed.

Sure there hasn’t been any type of scientific study to back up this claim that Elizabeth Banks is super hot, but I think that one quick trip through her cinematic history will surely back up this claim. While Elizabeth Banks has yet to go topless, which is a shame, her career is filled with scenes in which she is wearing bikinis, lingerie, bra and panties, and we even got a little peek at her rear end in the 2012 movie The Details. One can only hope that Elizabeth Banks is waiting for the perfect project to finally show off what has to be a beautiful pair of breasts. Plus, I don’t think anyone has ever uttered the phrase, “Oh, Elizabeth Banks is in this movie, I think I’ll skip it. She’s not that hot.” If someone has said that, then surely they have already be shunned from society.

Still, the lack of topless scene does not, I repeat does not, dismiss the fact that Elizabeth Banks is super hot. A topless Elizabeth Banks would only make her super duper hot.