In 2015 Kim Kardashian released a picture book aimed at people who enjoy the finer things in life, titled Selfish. Now that Kim has the book bug, she's releasing a followup called Selfish: More Me! where she promises intimate family portraits with daughter North West and husband Kanye West, as well as fully nude selfies. What an heirloom! 

Kim's been keeping a low profile after her Paris robbery, but she's back on the saddle again while pimping out her new book. In case you didn't pick up a copy of instant clAASic Selfish, both books offer collections exclusively of selfies, many of which can also be seen on Instagram. The first book has a racier cover than the new one, and features her gargantuan boobs fighting their way out of a piece of yellow cloth. You can be the owner of that one for $12.19, or you can shell out $16.79 for Selfish: More Me! (it's currently the #1 Best Seller in "Celebrity Photography" on Amazon), OR you can just check out the fully nude pics in the gallery above! 

The fact that with the assistance of short rapper someone can go from being a porn star to the star of the #1 Best Selling book in "Celebrity Photography" on Amazon just makes me love this country so much! Check out the hot nude photos, as well as the infamous baby belly one from 2013. Take a look. It's in a book.