Another day at the beach

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Pic or Video, Eva Longoria's Cleavage Always Brings Out Joy

There are some people in the world that always seem to bring a smile to your face. No matter what kind of mood you are in, certain people have you grinning from ear to ear each and every time you see them. For me the person who always has me beaming is Eva Longoria, especially when she’s wearing a bikini.  

Thankfully Eva Longoria seems to always be wearing a bikini, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from someone who has a body like hers and lives close to the beach. And the best part is, Eva Longoria can post a bikini pic or a fun bikini video on her Instagram account and both are going to make me beam from ear to ear. That’s just the person Eva Longoria is, when she is showing off her cleavage the world has no choice but to be filled with happiness. Really, we should be sending Eva Longoria flowers and thank you notes, but if we sent something for every Instagram pic, her house would be overflowing with roses and letters.  

So let’s just enjoy the happiness that Eva Longoria and her bikini wearing ways bring to us. Good mood, bad mood, sad mood, angry mood—no matter what we are feeling, it all turns to joy when Eva Longoria is in a bikini.