When in Woodstock

In 2016, photographer Jonathan Leder dropped a book that would change history: A book called Leder/Ratajkowski: Collector's Edition held a previously unknown assemblage of glossy Emily Ratajkowski nude photos that were taken prior to the days of Blurred Lines, and no one saw it coming.

The initial small-batch of books sold out immediately, but we're in luck - Jonathan teamed up with Imperial Publishing to once again make our dreams come true, this time with a book that showcases even more of the sensual, sexy photos taken during the two days that Emily stayed with him at a cabin in Woodstock back in 2012.

"Before she was a controversial video vixen, a celebrated Hollywood actress, an international runway sensation, and a feminist lightning rod, Emily Ratajkowski was an aspiring L.A. model taking jobs her agency recommended," says the official Ratajkowski description. "That’s what brought her to Woodstock, N.Y., for two fateful days - and more importantly, nights - in May 2012. It was then she met photographer Jonathan Leder, who shot the 103 seductive Polaroids featured in Unseen Ratajkowski, the luxurious new photo book from ImperialPublishing."

All the Polaroids are printed and bound in a gorgeous black coffee table book, complete with gold leaf covering and spine. It's only fitting for a woman as beautiful as Ratajkowski, and Leder's photos truly do capture the work of art that her body is.

"We had a lot of discussions about music, art, the industry, and the creative process," Leder said in an interview with High Snobiety. "She was very pleasant to speak with, and very intelligent and well-spoken, and cultured. That, more than anything,in my opinion, set her apart from so many other models."

Unseen Ratajkowski features photos you won't find in Jonathan's original book, even if it were still available. This run is slightly larger than his last, but we expect this book will sell out quickly. If you're vying for a copy, you can snag one right here.