Can We Honor Emma Stone's Cleavage With An Award

Bill Murray is a national treasure. Honestly, I’m a little surprised it took him this long for them to give him the Mark Twain Prize for Comedy, but finally the Kennedy Center decided to honor this great man. While the ceremony should be all about him, did you see Emma Stone? Damn, she is one fine woman.  

A bit of a comedian in her own way, I’m sure Emma Stone was just like the rest of us and there to honor the legendary career of Bill Murray, but I really do wonder how anything got done with her in that dress. Did anyone notice if people were watching the clips from Bill Murray’s movie or staring at Emma Stone’s cleavage? I think we would all struggle between viewing those two things. Of course, I fear there’s going to be an issue every time I watch a Bill Murray movie I’m going to think about Emma Stone’s cleavage. Well, maybe not fear, thinking about Emma Stone’s cleavage is never a bad thing. I would hate to miss a joke, that’s all.  

You know, I think Bill Murray and Emma Stone would probably make a great team. Someone should throw them together in a movie that's not Aloha and make sure Emma Stone wears something that shows her cleavage; I bet it would one hell of a funny and sexy movie.