Don't Get Frustrated, Get Happy About Seeing Emma Stone's Ass In Yoga Pants

While many take issue with wearing workout clothing to do things other than working out, I would like to make an counter argument: Emma Stone in tight yoga pants. Yes, she’s not working out, but damn she’s really hot in them.

Yes, I can understand the frustration that some have with the fact that clothing especially design to keep you cool, wick away moisture, and help keep your muscles loose are being worn for Starbuck runs and quick trips to the mall for new yoga tights, yet I am quite found of this new trend. I believe it benefits society greatly to know that Emma Stone has a wonderful ass. It’s like a little nice reminder that it is the little things that really do make the world great. Sure, Emma Stone’s ass probably also looks amazing in a tight pair of jeans or a really tight skirt, but it doesn’t look the same as when it’s in a pair of tight workout pants.

So hey, let go of the frustration you are holding on to. Instead focus on the wonderful things that have happened since people started wearing workout clothes as regular clothes, namely seeing Emma Stone’s ass in workout pants on a regular basis. You can’t tell me that’s not something that brings a smile to your face. See Emma Stone in the nude here!