This year the annual Icons party thrown by Harper's Bazaar brought together a hodgepodge of hotties, and in the fame game arena where the prize is standing out, Emily Ratajkowski is the smear winner! The Icons party coincides with New York Fashion Week, and I imagine the hosts used a magic eight ball to put together the guest list because we get a  really random (but really satisfying) selection of rack here. 

Aside from the fact that Emily Ratajkowski looks stunning in her reptilian overalls, the most important observations I'm walking away with are:

1) Christina Hendricks is going to town with her 30% off Kohl's coupons and it's seriously killing me. WHY ARE THOSE MELON'S HIDING BEHIND MY GRANDMOTHER'S GOLDEN CORAL FORMALWEAR?!

2) Maria Sharapova is still the hottest athlete out there.

3) Am I... attracted to Nicky Hilton?

4) I hope Kate Upton is able to stay relevant, because she really is stunning.

5) Awww... Dolly Parton and a Victorian lampshade had a baby and named it Kylie Jenner!

6) I still think Kim Kardashian is hot. Sorry.

Check out all the pics in the gallery above! Do you have any stray observations? Perhaps any spray observations?

Images Via: Splash Media