Emily Ratajkowski's Bikini Is Nice Taste Of Summer

I don’t know about you, but whenever I spend the day at the beach I like to sit out in the sun, read a book, maybe do a little body surfing; just the regular, old, normal things one does. But what if you are one the hottest people on the planet? What do you for your day at the beach? Well, if you’re Emily Ratajkowski you have a beer, show off that ass, and toss in a nipple slip for good measure. Kind of beats the hell out of bodysurfing if you ask me.  

While I have very little doubt that Emily Ratajkowski bought a thong bikini, I don’t believe she wears any other kind, I do wonder if she purchased a bikini that is supposed to show off this much cleavage, sideboob, and underboob or it’s just that Emily Ratajkowski’s breasts are some of the finest on the planet and they refuse to stay hidden. Either way, I think she made the best possible bikini choice. I wouldn’t be all that surprised to learn that some famous designer made this bikini especially for Emily Ratajkowski. I know that if I made bikinis, I’d make them for Emily Ratajkowski.  

If you’re like me then you probably won’t be doing any bodysurfing any time soon. But thanks to Emily Ratajkowski and her nip slip, it’s kind of like we are having a small, little, tiny vacation.