Seven weeks ago the disturbingly sexy Emily Ratajkowski teased the world with a lingerie-clad public walkabout in the middle of a New York City street. The full video for DKNY is finally out, and let's just say that it does NOT disappoint! The new face of DKNY released the clip on her Instagram earlier this morning, and we also have the sexy photos in the gallery (in case you're looking for a new desktop background.) 



In the short video, Emily can be seen leaving her apartment to take her dog for a walk. But uh oh, someone's feeling frisky, because Emily does so in just her sexy as hell undies - to which the New Yorkers she encounters have very differing reactions. An old lady is like "ew, you nasty" while a young dude in the hallway is like "Lol, oh that's Emily for ya." But secretly he's like, "I'm going to go jerk off." 

Once Emily makes her way out of the apartment, a thirsty taxi driver is so distracted by her huge boobs and banging ass that he crashes his car. Meanwhile, the dog is like "F*ck all ya'll, I saw her tits this morning before she put on her bra!" BTW I used to be a screenwriter which is why this was all so compelling. Just kidding, I didn't.

In the accompanying photo shoot Emily tries on all sorts of different hot undies in flirty poses. If Ms. Ratajkowski HAS to be wearing something, this is definitely how I want her to look! Is it just us, or does Emily keep getting hotter and hotter?

Images Via Splash Media