Nice Ass, What Did You Buy At The Store?

Elizabeth Olsen is totally hot, even when she’s not trying. And yes she looks great in yoga pants, and her ass looks great. These are facts that don’t take much thought and all of us can agree on. But is anyone else wondering what is in Elizabeth Olsen’s shopping bag?  

In between staring at Elizabeth Olsen’s ass in those tight camo pants and trying to figure out if she is in fact wearing a bra or not, I find myself wondering what is in that paper bag of hers. Now this isn’t one of those “Elizabeth Olsen buys cheese? I also buy cheese! We have so much in common!” moments, I’m really wondering what does the hottest Olsen buy at the store. Did she buy some fun snacks and a nice bottle of red wine for a small gathering of friends? Perhaps Elizabeth Olsen isn’t having the best day so she went out and got some chocolates to have while taking a relaxing bath. Or maybe she’s got some new lotions to try. Who knows, but damn it I’m oh so curious to know.  

When you don’t have to question whether someone is hot or not, like you do with Elizabeth Olsen, the mind kind of goes off on it’s own. Still, what does Elizabeth Olsen have in that bag…