It's Like Tricia Helfer Was Made For Bikinis

In case you find yourself suddenly worrying that Tricia Helfer might not be super hot anymore, you can stop your worrying. She is. Tricia Helfer is still very, very hot. And if you still find a bit of worry stuck in your gut, just take a look at her from a couple different angles and your mind will be as calm as the ocean on a windless day.  

Sure, there are probably a ton of people who never worry about Tricia Helfer’s hotness. They monitor her on a daily, if not hourly basis, to make sure her hotness is still performing at peak levels. For the rest of us, we simply may not have to the time to check her Instagram feed—even though we’d like to—it’s good to know that it’s always there when we need it. Just like Tricia Helfer’s hotness, it’s always there whether we look or not. Then again, why would we not look? It's Tricia Helfer in a bikini. How do you not look? Why in the world would you not want to look at Tricia Helfer in a bikini? That makes no sense to me.  

You can go ahead and take this one worry off your plate; Tricia Helfer is still very, very hot. No matter the cut or color of the bikini, Tricia Helfer’s body still looks as if it was made for the sole purpose of wearing a bikini. You need not worry about this one, my friends.