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Dirty Movie (2010)

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Brought to you by the once great minds at National Lampoon, Dirty Movie (2011) stars Christopher Meloni as Charlie LaRue, a cheap movie producer who tries to fulfill his lifelong dream of making a film about the most offensive, dirtiest jokes ever told. In a sort of meta twist, that's basically what this movie is: a cheaply made collection of unrelated sketches that are just actors acting out some famous and not so famous raunchy and offensive jokes. How bad are they? Really bad. We're talking stuff like an "Illegal Alien vs Sexual Predator" movie, a Joseph Goebbels getting stuck up Richard Gere's butt joke, the appearance of an Asian Klansman who likes to do racist ventriloquism, and a segment of small children telling super raunchy sex jokes. Even the little tikes? Yikes! But you can't cancel a movie when there's this many can shots! Yes, luckily, even if you're not into that kind of humor there's plenty of busty babes going topless to give you all sorts of dirty thoughts. Lindsey E. Vuolo takes her top off and delivers a few one liners to the fellas casting the flick, as do the blonde duo of twins Lauren and Debbie Schwartz. During a brief interlude, Shavon Ryan flashes her funbags in front of a beach scene green screen before slapping Stephanie Restivo on her thong covered buns. But don't worry, not only does Steph show her cans while telling some jokes a bit later, she also gives a lapdance to a super racially insensitive black puppet. Brandy Moon isn't wearing a shirt when she starts to flirt....with Hitler. Then, Jeanine Hill has shower sex with a super old dude, which shows us her heavenly hills. And, because of course there is in this movie, Jordanna James plays a bra wearing little person who also auditions for the film. And she's not even the only little person who gets mocked in it! You couldn't, wouldn't and damn well shouldn't make this one today. The jokes might be mean but there's plenty for your peen in Dirty Movie