The first season of Amazon's Diablo Guardián was a skin-filled affair thanks to the amazing Paulina Gaitán, who knocked us all out with well over a dozen nude scenes! The busty babe is back for another round in the second season of Diablo Guardián, and this cheeky new trailer gives us a taste of what to expect.

Unfortunately, the entire trailer (including subtitles) is in Spanish, so I have no clue what anyone's talking about, but they do play around quite a bit with that vertical shot, using it to make Paulina's mouth remind you of, ahem, something else. That's right folks, Paulina is giving us a literal vertical smile. 

Paulina won not only an Anatomy Award for Best Breasts for her work in season one, but she also took home the Peeper's Choice, making hers the unanimously decided Best Breasts of 2018! I have no doubt she'll be in the running once again in next year's voting!

Check out some of the breast moments from Paulina in season one below, and get primed for Season Two's premiere on Amazon Prime on Friday April 12!