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Dead Woman's Hollow

Dead Woman's Hollow (2013)

No Nudity

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Based on a sad and shocking true crime of two female students (Mel Heflin & Sarah Snyder) who never returned from a camping trip into Pennsylvania's ominous Appalachian trail, Dead Woman's Hollow (2013) follows the bad-turned worse series of events that unravel after a backwards mountain man appears asking for a cigarette. We later follow a local sheriff who has to piece together more unsolved disappearances and murders in the area, trying to catch his man before he strikes again. The subject matter may be bleak, but the there's a generous helping nudity before the grisly turnings, first from Maura Housley who gives a long full frontal and rear display in an opening credits sequence where she stumbles in disoriented fashion up a hill and onto some train tracks.  We then see Mel Heflin's long full frontal striptease, complete with all three Bs, as she's photographed by girlfriend Sarah Snyder. The two actresses later have a lesbian make out session before stripping Mel of her jeans and fondling her panties. We later see Mel's bells again when her dead body is unveiled on a mortuary slab. Finally, her body pops up once more when the sheriff flips through the photographs discovered after the disappearance.