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DANCING WITH THE STARS: Celebrity Contestants' Nude Scene


They dance, they prance, they take off their underpants (and other things as well). They're the ladies of Dancing with the Stars and you'll be dancing along in your pants. You'll want to kiss Kelly Monaco in Idle Hands (1999), dressed as a member of the rock combo Kiss, but her man is already at it with her tits, as is a severed hand. A fantasy with Kelly Monaco in Late Last Night (1999) is about as real as it can get. How real? How about tit real. Rachel Hunter in Two Shades of Blue (2000) gets a dance between her legs and her boobs applaud. So will you, one-handedly, of course. Tatum O'Neal in Circle of Two (1980) is nude with cigar. You will be too, after you see her jugs. Watching Willa Ford in Impulse (2008) get undressed will give you the impulse to do the same. Shanna Moakler in Seeing Other People (2004) is having a problem with her man's erection. With those two naked hooters it's hard to believe he's soft. Nice ass from Jane Seymour in The Tunnel (1987), who is unsuspectedly showing it off to a knife-wielding thug. Topless dancing from our favorite American Pie, Shannon Elizabeth in Dish Dogs (2000). Kinky sex and a quick nip from Marlee Matlin in Two Shades of Blue (2000). Ass and ye shall receive ass from Kim Kardashian in Keeping up with the Kardashians (2007). Mary Tyler Moore's friend Cloris Leachman in The People Next Door (1970), shows her back door. Lil' Kim in VH1's 100 Greatest Red Carpet Moments (2004) shows off the sexiest purple outfit you'd ever seen, because her left breast is hanging out. It's ain't Ii'l, Kim. Dance, little sisters!


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