Next Time Wear A Different Color Bra Kaley Cuoco

We all enjoy a great boob flash, especially when you don’t know it’s coming. There is a certain joy that comes with surprises that contain boobs. But I have to admit there is a bit of anger and sadness with this Kaley Cuoco flash because she’s actually wearing a flesh colored bra. I don’t know if there are words that will accurately describe our sadness.

I really do want to enjoy this Kaley Cuoco flash, but that flesh colored bra is going to haunt my dreams, and not in the good way this time. I know I’m not speaking out of turn when I say that each and every one of us would love to bear witness to a Kaley Cuoco boob flash. That would probably be one of the greatest sights any of us could see and no doubt it would make our year. You know what? This Kaley Cuoco flash would have been just fine as a PG-13 flash if she had been wearing a black bra, or a red bra, or even a white lace mostly see-through bra. It’s the whole flesh colored bra giving us the illusion that we are seeing Kaley Cuoco boobs that is the real downer. Seriously, of all days for Kaley Cuoco to wear a flesh colored bra…

Hopefully this won’t be the only Kaley Cuoco flash we see. Even if it’s another bra flash, perhaps next time we’ll have a different color bra and a cleaner image. Let’s all make a wish on a shooting star for that to happen.


via drunken stepfather