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CSI: Vegas

CSI: Vegas (2021)

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CSI: Vegas (2021) is another edition of the many CSI shows that take place all over the country. In this saucy procedural a group of forensic investigators are in trouble when their Crime Lab faces the possibility of being closed. Oh no! But the crimes! Luckily, they get a Hail Mary in the form of some old friends who return to use their forensic investigation skills in new ways in order to preserve the crime lab that is responsible for testing DNA evidence and other forensic samples in order to solve homicides and other crimes in Sin City. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but crime needs to be punished in Vegas and these are the people who are up to the challenge to do it. In one episode, two forensic investigators go to a strip club in order to question someone who might know a thing or two about a case that they are investigating. Um, sure. That's the reason. That's why all of us go to strip clubs. Jokes aside, they arrive at the club and see Skyler Roberge twirling her fit figure around a metal pole. She wears a matching bra and panties as her long, creamy legs fly around in the air and show off her stripper pole prowess. She certainly knows her way around that pole! They ask her to come down so that they can talk to her and when she bends forward to hear them, we see her impressive cleavage in her sexy little top. Jackpot!