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Confessions of a Womanizer (2014)

No Nudity

(0:04) Montage of various sexual conquests including Beth Nintzel in a bra being screwed, GIRL in lingerie sitting on a guy’s lap, cleavage on Leila Ciancaglini asking to be spanked, Monique Cooper putting her clothes back onbut her right boob nearly falling out of her bra, then Leila Ciancaglini in her bra and panties then BRUNETTE in a bustier. (The other “Dreamgirls” are Elizabeth Corrales, Nicolle Beiza and Brenda Marinho.)(0:13) Jillian Rose Reed in a bikini top in a photo montage.Then she is in little shorts on the couch with a guy.(0:17) Jillian Rose Reed comes out in lingerie and then gets on top of the guy in bed.(0:19) Jillian Rose Reed is in her bra and an apron baking cookies.(0:28) Patricia De Leon in her bra on top of a guy. Then she is sitting in bed in her bra checking her face.(0:32) Patricia De Leon appears in lingerie and then takes off her robe. Then it turns into a montage of different sates of undress that she is in, including bikini top, bras and panties.(0:37) Cleavage on Nikki Bella leaning over a table talking to a guy. Then Brie Bella comes over showing her cleavage and talking nicer to the guy.(0:40) Another montage of Beth Nintzel, Leila Ciancaglini, Monique Cooper, Elizabeth Corrales, Nicolle Beiza and Brenda Marinho all in their bras and panties.(0:41) Nosheen Phoenix in a bikini top on the beach.(0:42) Nosheen Phoenix strips to her bra and panties and then rolls around with the guy in bed.(0:42) Nosheen Phoenix in her bra putting her top back on.(0:45) Nosheen Phoenix in bikini bottoms at the beach.(1:00) Lingerie on Cynthia Murell visible around her open top.(1:07) Jo-Ann Pantoja strips to her panties and bustier.


Jillian Rose Reed

Sexy - as Meganbikini, underwear

Patricia De Leon

Sexy - as Patriciabikini, underwear

Nosheen Phoenix

Sexy - as Jasminebikini, underwear

Cynthia Murell

Sexy - as Giannaunderwear

Jo-Ann Pantoja

Sexy - as Serenadeunderwear

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