Surely, This Will Be An Instant Holiday Classic

I’m super in the holiday spirit right now, I think I should sing – “Deck the halls with balls of holly, fa-lalalala-la-lalala! ‘Tis the season to bang Christina Hendricks by a dumpster, fa-lalalala-la-lalala! Don we now our Bad Santa 2 trailer, fa-lalalala-la-lalala!”  

I, for one, couldn’t happier to learn that Billy Bob Thornton will be putting on the Santa suit again for another adventure. Well, I guess I should say that I was happy when I learned there would be a Bad Santa 2, but I was overwhelmed by the holiday spirit when I saw this trailer feature Christina Hendricks bent over in an alley getting banged by a dumpster. Personally, I do hope there are a few more scenes featuring Christina Hendricks in compromising positions in the movie. Maybe we’ll get another peek at something “dirty” if and when a new trailer comes out. Let’s just all put more scenes like that on the top of our Christmas list.  

Holiday movies tend to be such a bore, but thankfully Bad Santa 2 has given all of us a reason to go to the movies this year. Grab you Santa hat, your ugly sweater with the reindeer on it, and a thermos full of eggnog and get yourself to the movies for what is sure to be an instant Christmas classic. Bad Santa 2 is set to hit theaters in November.