It’s National Pizza Day! While you’re putting something tasty in your pie-hole, you can watch these scenes with delicious dishes eating pizza in the buff! Here are five naked ladies who love a good slice:

Andrea Riseborough in Bloodline

The current Oscar nominee delivers all three Bs in this intense scene from season 2 of the Netflix drama.


Terri Firmer in Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV

The movies Topless Translator munches her lunch without getting a drop of sauce on her bare breasts.


Jodie Turner-Smith in Jett

It’s starts with a man making a meal out of her in the shower and then moves to the bed where the two chow down before Carla Gugino comes in. Jodie’s full on nudity will have you holding your sausage!


Maureen Sadusk in Knightriders

Maureen and her mams get extra cheesy while eating pizza in bed with a guy in a scene from this 1981 film from George Romero!


Vivien Endicott Douglas in American Gods

Just this quick flash of Vivien naked in bed with a pizza is enough to make us want to do some topping of our own.