Catherine Zeta-Jones Flashes Select Theatergoers

Before Hollywood fameand Michael Douglascame along, Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones wasn't afraid to offer up flesh in her film outings, going nude in five European productions prior to 1996. But once she crossed over to the American mainstream and a very public marriage, CZJ kept her TA under wraps, save for a nip slip in The Mask of Zorro.

We thought that all hope of seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones nude once again was lost, but apparently we were just looking in the wrong places. For that lovely view, all we need is a ticket to her Broadway show!

According to Page Six:

Catherine Zeta-Jones gave well-placed fans at her Broadway show, "A Little Night Music," a little something to remember by inadvertently flashing her boobs onstage. Zeta-Jones stars with Angela Lansbury in the revival. In one scene, her character is reunited with her long lost lover and opens her kimono to show him what he's been missing. But audience members on the left side of the orchestra the other day also got a spectacular view. One told us, "I couldn't believe it. No wonder Michael Douglas looks so happy. The couple sitting next to me also saw it and poked each other." Expect a rush for left-orchestra seats.

We admire Catherine's commitment to character. Some actresses would cheat and wear concealing undergarments beneath their kimono, making their poor costar imagine what delights his character is supposed to be reveling in. So kudos, Catherine, for stripping off to extract a realistic performance from your fellow actor. But next time, please: turn around!

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