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Canvas of Death

Canvas of Death (2016)

No Nudity

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Canvas of Death (2016) is what happens when a vacation goes horribly wrong. Evil lurks around every corner at the summer rental home that Lucas is trying to enjoy. Lucas (Jeff Ronan) soon finds that in order to escape this hellish evil he has to kill. 

Who could be driven to kill when a killer babe like Alex McKelley is playing in the pool in her teeny tiny bikini? Sadly, she is killed in the pool and her sexy body floats to the top, but feel free to pause and enjoy her summer vacation sexiness before the inevitable happens. Leah Pressman endures a similar fate in the pool, so make sure you fill your eyes with her busty bikini top before she does. Michelle Siracusa also shows off some sultry leg when she sits on the sink and makes out with a hot guy. It's just the tease Mr. Skin needs to enjoy this Canvas of Skin.