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Cam-Girl (2016)

Brief Nudity


(0:02) Erin Cline disrobes to her bra and panties for a webcam. Then her hands are over her breasts then she is back in her bra. Then back to her hands over her chest.(0:04) Erin Cline is in the shower but we only see her shoulders and belly.(0:10) Erin Cline in lingerie performing for the camera. Then in a variety of sexy outfits including Wonder Woman and Catholic School Girl.(0:13) Cleavage and partial bra on Erin Cline in the kitchen.(0:15) Breasts on Tara Leia stroking a cucumber.(0:15) Aurelia Rose in a little nightgown.(0:24) Erin Cline in a bikini swimming underwater and then getting out of the pool to lie out. Then we see Ashley Wilson in a yellow bikini go walking past two guys.(0:47) Nice peekdown cleavage shot of Erin Cline bending over to look inside the refrigerator.(1:09) Erin Cline strips to her bra at the window and begins doing a little dance.(1:10) Erin Cline strips to her bra for a guy playing video games. Cut toher in bed with him. As she moves the blanket comes down exposing part of her left nipple.(1:27) Flashback to Erin Cline in her bikini top lying poolside.