Rock Star Daughters Are Just Hot

While there are some out there who will say that the only reason Cailin Russo is modeling is because her dad is famous—he’s Scott Russo of the punk band, Unwritten Law—but I would like to counter that argument by pointing out that Cailin Russo has some pretty awesome breasts. That fact alone would have gotten her many, many modeling gigs regardless of family status.

Though I’m not going to ignore the fact Cailin Russo’s dad is famous. In fact, I’m going to embrace it. There’s just something about hot daughters of rock stars that kind of gets me going. I can’t really explain it, but then again I’ve wanted to break it down, I just want to enjoy seeing a topless hottie. It’s like when I saw Taylor Marie Frey, daughter of Glenn Frey, completely nude on Roadies. I didn’t think; “Oh, she’s just on this show because her dad is famous” instead I thought “Holy crap, Taylor Marie Frey is totally nude on my tv screen! Awesome!”

Is the reason why someone as hot as Cailin Russo is topless more important than the fact Cailin Russo is topless? I don’t think so. She’s hot, daughter of a rock star or not. Hey, maybe she’ll jump into acting and her and Taylor Marie Frey can do some kind of nude scene together. That thought alone gave me the chills.

via drunken stepfather