Britney Spears Really Can't Help Being Sexy

Britney Spears has a very tenuous schedule for her Las Vegas show. Plus during her show she sings, dances, and has a rather large amount of costume changes, most of which are rather skimpy. So, when she goes on vacation, I don’t think any of us would be surprised if she just stayed home and wore old sweats and a dirty t-shirt. But no, it’s Britney, and when wants to vacation right, she makes it sexy.  

I kind of feel like we should give Britney Spears some props for rocking the white bikini in Hawaii for the simple reason she really didn’t have to. You would think that she would want a break from being sexy. Then again, it’s Britney Spears, I think it might be impossible for her to take a break from being sexy. She’s an incredibly sexy person whether she’s wearing a bikini or a sexy costume or wearing shorts and a tank top, it’s not really the clothes that make her sexy. The fact that she is Britney Spears is what is truly sexy.  

I guess the only real way for Britney Spears to relax is in as little clothing as possible. And hey, if rocking a bikini on the beach is how Britney Spears unwinds from all that sexy singing and dancing, who are we to tell her no?