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Brigitte Bardot: And God Created Her Very Breast Nude Scenes

Brigitte Bardot became a global sex symbol not just because she’s French, but because she’s got curves! The Bardot twins and tush have made several appearances during their on-screen tenure, not to mention that Frenchie fanny of hers. Start by going way back when to 1952 with Manina, the Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter, where Bardot shines us with her left breast as some dude tries to get a piece. What else is a hornball gonna do in the 50s? It’s when And God Created Woman came out that Brigitte rocked the globe, as did her bodacious bare butt that’s seen catching some rays. Move on to Ms. Don Juan and we get some playful waterboob in a bath scene, and yet more Brigitte breast as she’s spooning Jane Birkin in bed. Whoa, Bardot! It’s all ass in Contempt, where we see a trio of caboose clips from B.B. We wouldn’t mind some triple nipple to follow that up, but we’ll take what we can get. Take a few steps back to 1958 for the rare Euro version of En cas de malheur and watch Ms. Bardot make Jean Gabin’s day by showing him the bootiful buns under her skirt at the foot of a desk. That’s wood, all the way! And just imagine the height of excitement when waking up from a nightmare by a butt-naked Brigitte, like the case in The Vixen (1969). That ain’t it, though, so don’t go. There’s mo’ Bardot for your J.O. flow!

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