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Bride of the Wind

Bride of the Wind (2001)

Brief Nudity

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Bride of the Wind (2001) is a biopic that takes place in Vienna at the turn of the last century where and when Sarah Wynter, as Alma Mahler, meets the famous composer, played by Jonathan Pryce. Interesting that both actors prefer Y to I in their surnames. More interesting, is that the old classical composer is able to bag such a younger honey. But women have always loved musicians. Only, just like a groupie (though Alma in reality was a talented musician and composer in her own right), she falls for another guy, Walter Gropius, an architect and founder of the Bauhaus School. Once she’s tasted infidelity she can’t get enough and moves on to Oskar Kokoschka, an Austrian artist, poet and playwright and then Fran Werfel, another writer. This historical look at the great creatives of the last century is really just a soap opera. How sad. On a more positive note, Sarah gets topless and that makes it evident what these horn-dog nerds really find attractive about her.