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Bound to Vengeance

Bound to Vengeance (2015)

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Bound to Vengeance (2015), directed by Jose Manuel Craviato, is a thriller that takes the traditional tale of a hostage and turns her into a captor bent on more than revenge. A young Eve (TinaIvlev) is unexpectedly captured by a perverse predator named Phil (Richard Tyson). Eve quickly emancipates herself with the help of a well-timed brick to the face, though, and turns the tables on Phil, holding him hostage in his own house. When she finds she wasn't the first of his victims, she demands to know where they are so she can set them free. But while Eve's intentions are pure, her rescue mission isn't entirely well received, to say the least.  Chosen as the Sundance Shocker of the year, this movie is riveting—and not just for its clever, unpredictable plot. Breakout actress Tina Ivlev and costar Stephanie Charles spend part of this flick clad only in their panties and bras. They might be trying to escape Phil's lair of doom, but you won't want to escape from this film.