blue velvet deleted scene

It's not unusual for a Blu-ray to include footage left on the cutting room floor. But when it's arthouse auteur David Lynch we're talking about, well, everything is a little bit strange.

Long thought lost, the work print of Blue Velvet (1986) was recently unearthed in Seattle, bringing to light over 50 minutes of deleted scenes, (sk)incuding one Lynch says is one of his favorites. In the book Lynch on Lynch, he describes being shown a "party trick" by a stripper extra on set:

"They take these paper matches and split ‘em apart and then lick them and put them on their nipples, so the match-head is sitting right there and you really can’t see the little bit of cardboard. It’s sitting right there, very close. It may come out a quarter inch, but it burns for a while and then you put them out. It just burns long enough for the cut. And so it moved pretty nicely, you know."

"The flaming nipple scene" (above; you can see the stripper lighting her boobs on the right, as well as another topless extra on the left) has since become something of a Holy Grail for Lynch fans, and its skinclusion on the Blu-ray is a major find. The director told The Guardian UK he's pleased about the revival, saying: "It's like the song Amazing Grace. The footage was lost but now it's found."

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