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Isabelle Fuhrman Has The 'Dark And Mysterious' Look Down 67420314 if 2 a3802048 featured

Isabelle Fuhrman Makes Dark And Mysterious So Damn Sexy
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Top Ten Actresses Who've Never Been Married Screen shot 2018 01 20 at 8 29 52 am 3e446704 featured

So many celebrities have been through pre-fame marriages, quickie marriages, multiple marriages, and so on that it's becoming rarer and rarer to find actresses who've never been married.
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Top Ten Pause Button Moments Screen shot 2017 07 25 at 11 42 36 am e86ab208 featured

In the halcyon days of home video, when VHS was king, many of us gave our tapes a workout by trying to pause a momentary flash of nudity. It's something that a lot of us can relate to, and something which Mr. Skin has all but eliminated the need for, but there's nothing like a stroll down memory lane with these super brief nude scenes that could only be enjoyed with the aid of the pause button. Here are our Top Ten Pause Button Moments!
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Top Ten Nude Scenes from Chick Flicks Screen shot 2017 02 06 at 1 21 31 pm d98aa121 featured

Valentine's Day weekend means only one thing for a lot of men out there... Non-stop chick flicks as your significant other programs a romantic weekend film festival. Why not head her off at the pass this year and suggest any one of these ten chick flicks that have some fantastic nude scenes? Women like a man who's proactive!
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Frances Bean Cobain Really Pulls Off the Strange and Unusual Look O6crxl7 6d2ed563 featured

There' nothing strange and unusual about FBC's breasts!
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Bikini-Clad Rachael Leigh Cook Brings the 90's to Your Pants Screen shot 2016 08 31 at 1 48 57 pm 2d956ecd featured

The queen of the 1990's is back and better than ever with this hot new bikini picture! You could say that She's All That!
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Battle of the Babes: Keri Russell vs. Claire Danes Battle of the babes russell 4364bbfd featured

Yesterday the 2016 Emmy Award nominations were announced, and it turns out two of our very favorites, Keri Russell and Claire Danes, are up for the honor of Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Let's check out their naked bods and decide which 90's "it" girl is hotter!
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Winona Ryder Still Knows How to Work It 36752 web

It seems impossible to believe, but Winona Ryder is 44! Winona proves that age is nothing but a number, showing off some timeless cleavage at an NYC Gala last week!

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Zombeavers, a Richard Gere Triple Feature, and More: Nudeworthy on Netflix 5.20.15 18419 web

You can make yourself and your lady friend happy this Memorial Day weekend with these great skin filled flicks currently streaming on Netflix!

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Perez Hilton Tries To Muscle In On Mr. Skin's Territory 16223 web

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton is known for his non-stop blogging about the latest in entertainment gossip, and now he's trying his hands at a Mr. Skin-esque post titled "Bet You Didn't Know These 20 Movie Stars Did Nude Scenes." Give us a break...

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The Dilemma: DVD Roundup 5-3-11 8574 web

We've got some big problems this week on Blu-ray, with the troubled relationship between two sisters (skincluding a teenage Roxane Mesquida) in Fat Girl, and Elisabeth Shue and Nicholas Cage forming a tragic duo in Leaving Las Vegas. We've also got a whole different kind of problem- the clothed kind- with the skinless superheroics of The Green Hornet and Winona Ryder's non-nude body double in The Dilemma.

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Green Horny Weekend: Theater Report 1-14-11 7813 featured

Big budget superhero flick The Green Hornet and Ron Howard's romantic comedy The Dilemma filled up mainstream theater screens with non-nude cinema fare. But luckily limited release indie flicks Barney's Version and Every Day came through to save the weekend with quality T&A.
The Green Hornet
Cameron Diaz keeps her costume on in The Green Hornet, so if you want to take the sting out of that non-nude appearance, go pick up the 1996 flick Feeling Minnesota. You'll be feeling something else when you check out the rare glimpses of Cameron's T&A at the 3- and 26-minute marks.
The Dilemma
Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder are showing de-nada in The Dilemma , so if you want to see Jennifer nude, fast-forward to the 1-hour, 26-minute mark of the 1990 skinstant classic The Hot Spot, where her mamtastic melons are on display on the beach. To see Ms. Ryder's sliders, check out her one and only topless scene an hour and 50 minutes into 2007's Sex and Death 101. In this class, Winona has a C…cup!
Barney's Version
Nude in theaters, Minnie Driver and Rosamund Pike costar in Barney's Version. Ms. Driver keeps her minnies covered, but an hour and 18 minutes in, Rosamund's rightie makes an appearance in bed with Paul Giamatti. And at the one hour, forty-minute mark we even get some bonus boobage from topless Sandra Lavoie. Nice, but where's the X-rated version?
Every Day
Also nude in theaters, Carla Gugino stars in Every Day. She shows off her bikini body in the pool about 45 minutes in. But the real action comes at the one hour, eight minute-mark, when Carla gives us a peek at her bare butt getting out of the pool in her first nude scene since she turned the 2005 flick Sin City into skin city. Now there's an ass you really could look at every day.

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Huck Botko & Andrew Gurland: The Mr. Skin Skinterview 7501 web

Q&A on T&A with the Screenwriters of The Last Exorcism and The Virginity Hit by Mike McPadden

Writing partners and independent filmmakers Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland may seem as unlikely a team as has ever scored mainstream Hollywood success but, remarkably, audiences are enjoying two of their high-profile films on a big screen near you—right this minute!
The team’s relentlessly unnerving, Eli Roth-produced The Last Exorcism (2010) opened in first place at the box office recently and this weekend brings The Virginity Hit (2010), a one-of-a-kind teen sex comedy produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

What makes the Botko-Gurland conquest of the suburban Cineplex so surprising, however, is the dark, dangerous and even deranged milieus from which both emerged.

Botko scandalized film festivals worldwide throughout the late 1990s with his “dessert-umentary” series.

Bearing straight-ahead titles such as Fruitcake, Baked Alaska, Cheesecake, and Graham Cracker Cream Pie, each film depicts Botko unspeakably defiling various confections and then serving them to his despised family members.

Gurland founded the New York Underground Film Festival, produced the Al Goldstein/Screw magazine documentary Screwed (1996), and, along with Todd Phillips (Old School, The Hangover), created Frathouse (1998), an up-close look at savage hazing rituals for HBO that never aired due to legal concerns (Gurland is proud that the movie is available now only through outlaw resources).

Together, Botko and Gurland made the barbarically vicious short comedies Julie, Broken Condom and (Mr. Skin's favorite) Gramaglia, before writing and directing the terrifically uncomfortable feature Mail Order Wife (2004).

Botko and Gurland talked to Mr. Skin about sex, nudity, horror, comedy and what happens next.

MR. SKIN: What was the first movie nude scene you remember seeing?

HUCK BOTKO: Some movie on HBO when I was in second grade. No idea what it was but there was full frontal and I remember overhearing another kid at school the next day who had seen the same movie telling everyone how you could see this woman's bush - but he would just call it her "front" because the crude adjectives hadn't entered our vocabulary yet.

ANDREW GURLAND: My dad likes to get to movies early and watch whatever else is playing at the theater until his movie starts.

When I was six, we walked into a scene that featured a guy with a ’70s mustache wearing jeans and no shirt painting a den with his girlfriend who was also wearing jeans with no shirt.

It freaked me out but is still an erotic image I hold on to. I also remember the Belushi peeping tom scene from Animal House as one of my first.
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Skincoming DVDs for March 2, 2010 7289 web

Mr. Skin's Pick of the Week


NUDES: Judi Bowker, Vida Taylor
THE SKINNY: Clash of the Titans (1981) is the last film to feature special effects by the legendary stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen, protégé of pioneer Willis O’Brien, the man who made King Kong (1933). The film follows the exploits of Greek mythological hero Perseus (Harry Hamlin) as he rescues maidens, fights monsters, and deals with the gods on Olympus. Though rated PG, the film features T&A from Vida Taylor and Judi Bowker. They should have called this Clash of the Tit-ans!
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Skincoming DVDs for November 3, 2009

Mr. Skin’s DVD Pick of the Week

The Shield: The Complete Series
NUDE: Paula Garcés (body double—breasts, butt), Michele Hicks (breasts), Aisha Hinds (breasts, butt), Natalie Amenula (butt), Donielle Artese (butt), Rina Fernandez (breasts, butt), Jenya Lano (breasts, butt), Marguerite MacIntyre (breasts), Nicki Micheaux (breasts, butt), Ellis Perry (butt), Susan Santiago (breasts, butt), Tamlyn Tomita (breasts, butt), Gina Torres (butt)
Bad cops make good TV. That’s certainly the case in the excellent F/X series The Shield. It stars Michael Chiklis, who has come a long way from playing John Belushi in Wired (1989) and portraying a cop on the hit TV drama The Commish. He plays the crooked detective who leads a team of criminal peace officers who are more interested in getting a piece of the pie, whether that’s money or honey. And they get a lot of both. Thanks to the series being produced on a cable network, there’s also ample nudity, though it’s usually hard to see with the fast edits. Still, the mean streets of Los Angeles are filled with heavenly angels who can’t wait to spread their wings for the bad boys of the LAPD.

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