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April 24th Was Apparently International Lingerie Day, So Let's Celebrate Biel powder blue 761363 infobox fb613892 featured

A holiday that should be sacred.
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And You Thought Eva Longoria In A Bikini Was Great Before Screen shot 2017 04 25 at 12 02 06 pm 3a769ffb featured

How About Eva Longoria, Bikini, And A Water Gun?
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Eva Longoria In A Bikini Will Always Make You Smile El n 06150ce2 featured

Whether it's a Pic or Video, Eva Longoria's Cleavage Always Brings Out Joy
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Proof That Latina Actresses Are Certainly Not Interchangeable 21086 web

During the Golden Globes this year, Eva Longoria and America Ferrera made a hilarious (and important) joke about how Latina actresses are all sort of lumped together and are essentially interchangeable. This, friends, is entirely incorrect. They aren't the same at all.

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Chad Braverman: The Mr. Skin Interview 13544 web

Chad Braverman is the COO of Doc Johnson, the country’s biggest sex toy manufacturer located in North Hollywood. For nearly 37 years, Doc Johnson has been bringing gratification to the world, with over 5 million pieces being made in its factory each year.

More importantly, they’re the company behind the Rabbit and the Pocket Rocket, sex toys that sexy celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and Eva Longoria regularly praise in interviews.

We FIRM-ly agree with their mission of bringing the pleasure to the masses, “Give the people what they want”, we always say here at Skin Central. So we asked Chad a few questions about his life in the sex toy trenches, and he gave us some valuable SKINsight into what’s up at Doc.

Read our skinterview with Chad Braverman after the jump!
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Eva Longoria Slips Out Her Golden Globe [PICS] 12756 web

Eva Longoria wasn’t about to let the most titillatingly named award show on television pass by without slipping out a golden globe of her own!
After arriving at the Warner Bros InStyle Golden Globes Party in Beverly Hills, Eva leaned over to expose some thigh for the photogs, and ended up letting out one long-nipped Longoria tip instead.

See pics after the jump!

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Eva Longoria Bares Butt in Rare Nude Photo Shoot [PIC] 12069 web

Luscious Latina Eva Longoria has legions of male admirers thanks to her role as a horny housewife on Desperate Housewives, but she’s notorious here at Skin Central for her skingy ways.

Well, all that’s about to change because Eva is finally lending out some of that sugar for fashion photographer Jork Weismann in his latest master(bation) piece Asleep at the Chateau. We're not talking artfully covered “nakedness", but full-on buns and back crack as Eva lounges in bed. As you may have inferred from the title, the book features other well-known celebrities and models all posed in beds at the infamous Chateau Marmont. The trendy hotel has long been the choice for hard partiers like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, but we're betting this book will produce some ragers of an entirely different sort.

Asleep at the Chateau has yet to be released, but you can keep your bookworm wriggling with sexy pics of Eva Longoria right here on MrSkin.com!
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It's a Good Day to Be Sofia Vergara [PIC] 11715 web

Not only did Sofia Vergara wake up this morning to discover that she's been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, she also woke up secure in the knowledge that she's TV's most well-paid woman.

Sofia tops Forbes Magazine's annual list of the highest-paid actresses on the boob tube, earning a whopping $19 million in the past 12 months thanks to her roles on Modern Family and in three feature films, her clothing line, and her lucrative endorsement deals with Pepsi, Cover Girl, and Comcast.

With a rack like that, it only makes sense she'd have a jumbo-sized salary to match...right?

See the rest of Forbes' Top 20 highest-earning actresses after the jump!
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Skin Central's Top 5 Lingerie Scenes of 2011 [PICS] 10442 web

Wait! Come back! Non-nude scenes are usually the pits, we know. But when a star possesses such a supernatural sexiness, such a peerless level of sex appeal, that she can drive us crazy without even showing her breast parts, then you know she's really something special.
See Skin Central's picks for the Top 5 lingerie scenes of 2011 after the jump!

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Eva Longoria's Lesbian Makeout Censored in Spain [PIC] 9936 web

Shellfish paella may be world famous, but when it comes to an ALL-seafood diet, apparently the Spanish censors aren't so open minded. Eva Longoria's new movie Without Men (2011), a comedy about a small Mexican village populated entirely by women, was scheduled to play at the Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival this year, but the festival's organizers are now pulling it from the lineup after the distributor made major cuts.

The problem? Scenes of Sapphic romance featuring Eva and Kate de Castillo slow dancing and making out. The scene is non-nude, so we're not sure what all the fuss is about, and neither is Xavier Daniel, the BIGLFF director:

"We received a statement from the distributor in Spain saying that when the film premieres it will have the lesbian scenes removed," he told AFP. "The audience will not understand the film, because all the lesbian scenes are cut out… It is unbelievable in the year 2011."

Are we sure this is the same country that made Sex and Lucia (2001)?

Spaniards might not be able to see Eva Longoria kiss a girl, but Mr. Skin members can see it RIGHT NOW on our Without Men page!

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Mr. Skin's Fall TV Report, Part 2: ABC [PICS] 8711 web

The boob tube bonanza continues today in Los Angeles as ABC announces their 2011 fall schedule as part of Upfront Week. ABC, which has been losing ground with younger viewers this season, is cleaning house with 13 new shows scheduled for the fall and fall mid-seasons.

Fans of South American sexpot Sofia Vergara and her Columbian coconuts have nothing to fear, however, since Modern Family is staying put Wednesdays at 9/8 Central. Also safe are sexy suburbanites Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher and the rest of the cougarrific crew on Desperate Housewives, holding strong Sundays at 9/8 central. Fans of Courteney Cox and her Cougar Town pals have less to smile about, since the show has been bumped to mid-season in favor of Patricia Heaton in The Middle.

See the sexy stars of ABC's new fall series nude after the jump!
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Pick the Hottest Female Celeb, Score a Free Sports Trip Anywhere in the World 7304 web

Jessica Alba ... or Jessica Biel?

Carrie Underwood ... or Rihanna?

Sofia Vergara ... or Eva Mendes?

Katy Perry ... or Lady Gaga?


Time for Mr. Skin's bosom buddy Mitch in the Morning on Seattle's Sports Radio KJR-AM to launch the 2010 Bigger Dance contest.

You may have played other "bracket" games that sexy female celebs against one another in a basketball-style tournament, but Mitch in the Morning got there first. In fact, this "Year 14" of what's become an annual springtime tradition.

As the official Bigger Dance home page explains:

Welcome to "Year 14" of Mitch in the Morning's Bigger Dance, presented by Mike's Hard Lemonade. As you know the 'Dance' is played much like NCAA Basketball March Madness.

Between 10am Tuesday, April 6th and 8:45am Thursday, April 15th, 2010, thousands of faithful 950 KJRam listeners will fill out brackets, selecting which "CELEBRITY BABE" they think would win in each of the 63 match-ups.

The winner will get a free trip to the sporting event of their choice -- anywhere in the world!

Among the hotties facing off this year are nubiles such as Amanda Seyfried, Kristen Stewart and Olivia Wilde, volcanically voluptuous knockouts on the order of Christina Hendricks, Keeley Hazell, and Kim Kardashian, veteran vixens like Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, and Halle Berry, and many more.
This is not a Mr. Skin contest, but is is an awesome contest hosted by one of Skin's best radio friends.

Just click HERE to get in on the action NOW!!!

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Top 10 Sexy Texans

It sure is hot in Texas. And we're not talking about the weather.

With sexy women like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Beyoncé Knowles hailing from the great republic of Texas, it's obvious that oil rigs aren't the only things spewing in the Lone Star State.

Click "more", and take a tour of the sights of the great state of Texas. These hot celebrities are more interesting than the Alamo, and wilder than a rodeo!
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Top 10 Hottest Elfin Eyefuls 4127 featured

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Mr Skin's Breast of the Boob Tube: Week Ending November 13, 2008 3710 web

Boob Tube is Light on the Nudes, Heavy on the Super Sexy

A week with no True Blood nudity? A week with no Californication nudity? What a depressing turn of events! Although the past seven days featured only ONE nude scene on the small screen, what a scene it was! Adult goddess Jenaveve Jolie gifted us with creamy, cocoa-licious T&A on Entourage.

And the non-nude but very sexy scenes were no slouch this week either! Former child star Madeline Zima gave us something to drink in Californication, Teri Hatcher made us desperate in Desperate Housewives, Alyson Hannigan made with the huge pregnant cleavage on How I Met Your Mother, and classic TV mega-star Jennifer Aniston nearly showed 30B rack on 30 Rock.

See pics after the jump!

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