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Sultry GIFs of Pinup Beauties on Screen Ezgif com video to gif  8  5b96803d web

Wowza! These vintage vixens look even better as GIFs.
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Devin DeVasquez: The Mr. Skin Skinterview! [PICS] 15711 web

One of the most classically beautiful women ever to grace the screen is Louisiana native Devin DeVasquez! With a Spanish father and Irish mother, Devin blends the best of both possible worlds, giving her a uniquely beautiful look that she has used to her advantage for the better part of thirty years now! Devin exploded onto the scene as Playboy's Playmate of the Month in June, 1985, and was the Spokesmodel champion on Star Search the following year. From there, the sky was the limit, and Devin capitalized on her newfound fame by parlaying it into an acting career. Devin's near-topless appearance on Married... With Children during its third season lit a firestorm of controversy at the time, and her high profile relationships with everyone from Prince to Sylvester Stallone kept her name in the zeitgeist for years to come. Devin's latest project is a documentary called Beyond the Centerfold, which she is in the process of finishing up, and features the final on-camera interview with legendary pin-up Bettie Page, with whom Devin developed a lasting friendship. In our exclusive skinterview, we talk with Devin about her past and, more importantly, her future, which is looking brighter than ever!

Hit the jump to read the full Skinterview!
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An Exclusive Nude Clip from Bettie Page Reveals All! [VIDEO] 14428 web

Pin-up legend Bettie Page- she of the iconic bangs and lusciously all-natural body- began her career as a professional peeler for camera clubs in the 1950s. With the production of nude photos still illegal, Bettie rose to hush-hush skin superstardom thanks to the kink-tastic photos and exploitation reels of Irving Klaw, then hit the mainstream with a Playmate of the Month centerfold in the January 1955 issue of Playboy.

A Senate Subcommittee investigation into the nudie pic industry and her conversion to Christianity led to Bettie’s disappearance from the scene in 1957 at the height of her popularity. Thankfully a revival of interest in the late 1970s brought Bettie back into the public eye, and even today- more than 50 years after her career as a pinup queen ended- the image of Bettie Page posing for bondage pics with an impish grin and girl-next-door appeal can still give skin fans a raging retro boner.

Now the new documentary Bettie Page Reveals All (2013) is illuminating the life of its mysterious, ever-mesmerizing subject with vast volumes of vintage snapshots and film clips from her eye-popping, show-stopping acts. Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Mark Mori gathered more than 20,000 pics of Bettie for the flick- including rare never-before-seen photos. Plus there’s personal narration from the audiotapes Bettie made before her death in 2008, and commentary by foxy superfans like Rebecca Romijn and Dita Von Teese!
Thanks to our pals over at Music Box Films we have an exclusive nude clip from the film. See it after the jump!

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Happy Labia Day from Mr. Skin! [PICS] 13926 web

We couldn’t celebrate the long Labor Day-- or as we like to call it, LABIA day-- weekend, without a look at the finest beef curtains ever spread for cinema! SKINjoy the holiday with a sampling of celeb snatch-ion captured on camera. More pics after the jump!

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Christine Colby: The Mr. Skin Skinterview [PICS] 11545 web

Christine Colby has your dream job. As the managing editor of Penthouse magazine, she spends her days overseeing the production of one of the world's most recognizable men's magazines...and yes, that includes checking out nude pics of those SKINfamous Penthouse Pets. Christine is just one of a surprisingly large-- and usually anonymous-- group of women working behind the scenes at men's magazines to bring you the naked entertainment you know and love.
Christine spoke to us from Penthouse HQ in New York City, where she reminisced about Penthouse's most under-appreciated celebrity centerfold, the biggest misconceptions people have about her job, and her dream celebrity pictorial (here's a hint).
SKINtrigued? Check out Skin Central's interview with Penthouse managing editor Christine Colby after the jump!
Special thanks to Alex Colby for the photo of Christine

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National Cleavage Day: It Speaks for Itself [PICS] 11095 web

Sure, National Cleavage Day was invented by the Wonderbra corporation to sell push-up bras. And Abraham Lincoln invented Thanksgiving, what's your point? We'd rather stare into a lovely lady's cleavage than eat turkey 'til we fall asleep any day. Actually, we'd prefer eat a turkey sandwich while staring at boobs, but if we had to pick, we'd pick cleavage. Definitely.
See Wonderbra's picks for the Cleavage Hall of Fame after the jump!

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Evan Rachel Wood on Merkins and Manson 7656 web

Thank wood-ness for Duchess of Skinnage Kate Winslet, who you'll recall talked Evan Rachel Wood into doing a nude scene for the upcoming film Mildred Pierce. In a new interview, Evan dishes a bit more on how Kate convinced her to drop trou:
“I always had a rule that I was only going to do topless and never the whole package, I have to have some kind of mystery! But she then explained to me what a merkin was…"
Enchanting Evan also says that she and on/off boyfriend Marilyn Manson are off again, but "he had a hand in raising me!" Which is appropriate, since Evan's had a hand in raising certain parts of her male fans.

Regardless of your opinions of Mr. Manson and his music, you have to admit that the man has enviable taste in ladies. Before he got Wood (when she was nineteen years old, mind you), Manson was married to the queen of burlesque herself, Dita Von Teese. Forget about being teesed--Dita happily shows on Mr. Skin what her hubby saw for years in movies like Saint Francis and the ultra-porny Andrew Blake Five Stars. We now know who Marilyn was singing about in his tune "The Beautiful People"!
Pre-Dita, there was another porcelain-skinned, raven-haired beauty in Manson's life: Rose McGowan. The pair were engaged for a few years--he even had a cameo in her black comedy Jawbreaker--but Rose's blooms were at their breast before she took up with the spooky singer. Mr. Skin members can enter the dark side and see Rose get thorny and horny in Lewis and Clark and George, go all the way in Going All the Way, and enjoy a threesome in The Doom Generation.
Goth girls do it better!

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Dita Talks Fake Teat-as 6662 web

Burlesque Babe Dita Von Teese Tells a Tale of Implants

As evidenced by her recent lusty lesbian photo shoot, classy burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese is not shy.

So it comes as no surprise that she's always been forward about having breast implants. And as fake funbags go, Dita's are some of the best of the breast!

But there's an intriguing story behind her falsies, and after the cut, Dita teeses us with the tempting tale.

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Dita Von Teese Doesn't Tease with Nude Lesbian Photos 6605 web

Decade-old Dita Von Teese Nudes Surface.

Seeing Dita Von Teese naked is not a hard task to accomplish, but that doesn't mean that we don't appreciate seeing the porcelain-skinned beauty in any state of undress. Pics from a 1999 photo shoot with Dita surfaced today depicting the pin-up queen in a series of steamy lesbian poses, her clam and casabas on full display.

Some websites are shouting foul, claiming that the ten-year-old pics have been available all along, but here's the thing: If you've never seen an explicit photo of a beautiful, famous fetish model nude and in Sapphic embrace even though it's been around for some time, does that mean that you don't want to see it? Of course not. Nudie pics are nudie pics, no matter the vintage.

See the full collection of Dita Von Teese's nude lesbian photos at The Superficial.

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The Big O: Hippie Love 5730 web

Summer is coming... I can hear the music playing and see the hippie ladies dancing in the rain...
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Today: Dita Von Teese Nude in the Shower, Tomorrow: Dita Von Teese Nude on MrSkin.com

Burlesque Queen Dita Von Teese Loves Girl-Girl Group Showers

The shower scene is the highlight of just about any movie smart enough to stick its lens into a wet, steamy bathroom with a naked woman in it. And the group shower scene is an especially brilliant off-shoot. But imagine a group shower that's happening in real life, not on a movie screen. The participants are striptease enthusiast Dita Von Teese and a gaggle of tight-bodied dancers. Where are the cameras when that sort of action is going down?
FemaleFirst reports:

Dita Von Teese loves having communal showers with can-can dancers.

The burlesque beauty, who has performed at France's legendary Crazy Horse cabaret club, bonded so well with the resident dancers she washed with them after the shows.

She said: "We all jump into this big communal shower together - all these beautiful Russian and French dancers, scrubbing each other with funny gloves to remove all the make-up."

Dita insists on wearing elaborate outfits for her live performances because she feels better equipped to entertain an audience with full make-up and perfect hair.

She said: "The thing I love about clothes is their power to transform - I sit there naked, with my hair in rollers, then the shoes and stockings come on. Everything is hooked and clipped, suddenly I am standing completely different and I'm like, 'It's time to go.'

"I often joke that what I lack in talent, I make up for in costume."

Come back to MrSkin.com tomorrow and you'll be assured that Dita lacks nothing but clothing as we launch our first Dita Von Teese nude clips from Andrew Blake Five Stars. Not only does delicious Dita show her boobs, butt, and bush in the fetish flick, she gets fucked with a dildo/high-heel-shoe hybrid! And you can see it all at Mr Skin tomorrow.

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Nudography Names 2008 Celeb Nude Highlights 4600 web

Halle Berry tit slip! Dita Von Teese nude spread! Naomi Campbell naked! Amy Winehouse topless! Lily Allen nude sunbathing! And more!

Mr Skin’s pals at Nudography have rounded up some of the very breast nude celebrity exposures from the previous 12 months.

All in one convenient post, you can eyeball Halle Berry’s nude boobs slipping out of her shirt, Dita Von Teese baring flesh for German sex magazine pics, Naomi Campbell as a naked Catwoman, and hot paparazzi pics of bad-girl songbirds Amy Winehouse (looking good!) and Lily Allen (looking great) sunning and swimming sans bikini tops.

Nudography also showcases Secret Diary of a Call Girl star Billie Piper breastfeeding on the beach (with her eye-poppingly awesome nipples), French dish Emma de Caunes, Italian eyeful Letizia Filippi, and mighty-boobed UK bombshells Vikki Blows, Kitty Lea, and Rebecca Loos.

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Katie Price Calls Naked Dita Von Teese in Playboy "Crap" 4361 web

Queen of Boobs Dubs Nude Dita No Good

Huge boobed glamour model Katie Price, also known as Jordan, knows a thing of two about looking sexy. It's obvious but checking out her pictures, her reality show Katie & Peter, and her lack of clothing that she may be the reigning sexpert when it comes to making people drool.

But we're going to have to respectfully disagree with Katie when it comes to her critique of retro peeler Dita Von Teese's Playboy cover.

According to Digital Spy, Price hissed,

"I'd love to do Playboy. Although I just saw Dita Von Teese's cover and it's crap. The woman is rank. It's not my cup of tea that she's so pale. I think the pictures look a bit Readers' Wives. It didn't look like Playboy to me."

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Why all the hate? Can't we settle this like gentlewomen? And by that, we mean a double cover of the both of you stark naked. And scissoring. While feeding each other ice cream cones and bananas. That'll show 'em! That'll show 'em everything.

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Dita Von Teeses the Late Great Bettie Page 4324 web

Past and Present Pin-Ups Meet Up!

China white skin, black hair topped off with a cap of shiny bangs, a boom-boom bod that makes one weak in the knees. We could be describing dearly departed pinup legend Bettie Page . . . or present-day burlesque queen Dita Von Teese.

Surprisingly, the two were able to meet sometime before Page passed away last week.

According to IMDb:

Von Teese remembers her encounter with the star fondly.

Of their meeting, Von Teese recalls, "She looked me up and down and said, 'You're an attractive girl, but a poor Bettie Page mimic'.

"I said, 'I know' and she laughed."

Forget meeting of the minds, this was a meeting of the bump-and-grinds! And don't miss Dita Von Teese naked in German Playboy!

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Bettie Page Goes to the Great Fetish Club in the Sky 4266 featured

Iconic Pinup Model Dies at 85

Today, more than 50 years after her career as a pinup model ended, the name and image of Bettie Page are still as well known as ever they were to rockabilly rebels, light bondage enthusiasts, and the women who make up roughly 102% of the fan-base of “burlesque” entertainment.

Yesterday, Bettie made headlines again when she died after her family took her off the life support she had been on since her heart attack earlier this month.

In the 1950s, Bettie had a career as a pinup model, appearing in men’s magazines like Playboy and posing for the nudie pics of “camera club” photographers.

Read more after the spank.

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