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Bilib Ako Sa'Yo

Bilib Ako Sa'Yo (2000)

No Nudity


Gatdula must work at a nightclub after he loses his job as a cargo loader. Some men held him up and he was responsible for the lost merchandise. At the club, he meets a student who is forced by her own lack of money to be a ramp model. Two other, much tougher guys are also interested in Varga, the attractive young student, and quickly Gatdula finds out that these men were the ones responsible for the armed robbery that cost him his job. Gatdula needs to make the men pay and stop them from taking away his girl.

Joyce Jimenez plays the hot Filipina, Varga and has loads of skinsational moments throughout the film. She strips down to lingerie on stage. When she gets out of bed, we get dangerously close to some nipplage, but fall short. And when out in the rain, she strikes a few poses to show the outline of her rack. Too bad there are no bare jugs from Joyce.