In This Battle, Everyone Wins

They say war is hell, that in battle there are no winners. And while that is probably true is most cases when pitting one beautiful redhead against another beautiful redhead I would say that entire world are winners. So, let’s have Amy Adams and Isla Fisher battle it out… so to speak.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that there are more blondes and brunettes in the world or that the color red is the color of passion and fire, but there is nothing else in the world like a beautiful redhead. Therefore, when you have two right in front of you, it’s quite amazing. Amy Adams is probably the most famous redhead working in Hollywood right now. She’s got the skills, the talent, and of course, a pretty smoking hot body. When one thinks of redheads, no doubt, Amy Adams is the first to come to mind.

But that doesn’t mean she’s the only one that comes to mind, there’s also Isla Fisher. While her movie career might not be as filled with blockbusters as Amy Adams that doesn’t make her any less sexy. In fact, a quick check and you’ll notice Isla Fisher has quite a few sexy moments in her film career. She’s a beauty whether you remember her name or not.

I guess all we can hope for is that one day Amy Adams and Isla Fisher will join forces and do a movie together. That way we won’t look at them as two competing foes, but rather as a power redheaded duo that could one day rule the world with their sexiness.