Like most of the ladies on Battle of the Babes, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Connelly are consistently two of the most searched celebrities here at Mr. Skin. They share sexy brunette locks, bountiful boobs, skinpressive nudity résumés, and they even each have an Oscar win (Anne for 2012's Les Misérables and Jennifer for 2001's A Beautiful Mind.) While the similarities abound, these two lovely ladies are really a study in contrast, with each bringing something unique to the table. Let's sexplore.

Anne Hathaway, 34, somehow became Hollywood's most hated celebrity a few years ago, and The New York Times even wrote a piece on why she is so ridiculed by the "Hathahaters." By the time of the 2013 article, Anne had already delivered amazing nudity in Love and Other Drugs (2010) and Havoc (2005), so I really hath no idea what the Hathahaters are talking about. Anne has some of the best boobs in Hollywood and she isn't afraid to show them off. What more could you ask for?

While Hathaway gives jittery, cackle-encrusted interviews that only seem to dig her into a deeper hole, Jennifer Connelly, 46, has more of an IDGAF attitude, and it really works for her. Most of us got to know Anne from her appearances in feather-light romantic comedies such as The Princess Diaries. This, of course, is not the case for Connelly. At 19-years-old Jennifer filmed The Hot Spot (1990) where she went epically nude and even showed the elusive back burger. The sexy actress has always had a panache for serious roles. Mulholland Falls (1996) was one thing, but Connelly's unforgettable turn as a strung-out addict who would do anything *anything* anything for a fix in Requiem for a Dream (2000) really scared the shit out of audiences. I mean, I'm not going to mess with her.

Take a look at the sexiest nude moments from the yin and yang of big bosomed beauties, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Connelly, in the gallery above and decide for yourself who wins this Battle of the Babes!