It's officially here - the unlikely box office mashup that is Barbienheimer (Barbie + Oppenheimer) hits theaters this weekend, and the movie theater chain AMC released some pretty interesting figures - over 40,000 of its Stubs rewards program members have pre-purchased tickets to see both movies on the same day. Some people are grabbing a meal in between the flicks, essentially making an entire day out of the double header as Oppenheimer alone is three hours long.

Margot Robbie Nude

Florence Pugh Nude

Naturally we need to check out the sexiest celebs from both of these star-studded casts, and decide for ourself which movie is better... based on the nudity of its cast members! It only makes sense, right? Margot Robbie is the face of Barbie, but she isn't alone in bringing some sexiness to the flick. Most, notably the movie's narrator Helen Mirren has fantastic full frontal from her early years in showbiz. Plus Emma Mackey, who plays one of the many Barbies in Barbie, has some great recent nudity. Issa Raehas been a big presence on the Barbie press tour, but she pulled a Sarah Jessica Parker by not actually going nude in her sex-filled series, Insecure, sans a brief and dark ass shot.

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Oppenheimer, about the man who invented the atomic bomb, may not sound sexy at first, but look a littler deeper and you'll find a couple of stars with previous nudity. Of course we're talking about Florence Pugh and Emily Blunt, two ladies with a couple of heavy hitting roles under their belts. Is their combined star power enough to combat Margot Robbie full frontal? We're giving them a fighting chance by rounding up their best nudity in the gallery below! Hit it up to compare the sexy ladies of Oppenheimer and Barbie. Barbienheimer? I hardly know her!