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Bad Santa (2003)

No Nudity

In Bad Santa (2003), con man Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) and his pint-sized pal Marcus (Tony Cox) have been making a living for years by going to malls across the country pretending to be Santa and his faithful elf during Christmas time. After casing the latest store for a week, they plan their annual heist to rob the place of all its leisure treasure on December 24th. The holidays are less than holy with this demented duo in toe. Not your average Chris Cringle, slick Willie counts on the tingle in his dingle (fueled mostly by boomingly hot bartendress Lauren Graham and hot butt sex with strangers in changing rooms) and whatever alcohol he can get his paws on to give him his rosy glow, while midget friend Marcus is unhappily enslaved, shanghaied by his materialistic mail-order bride who needs his constant presence and presents to make her happy. When the scamming Santa winds up caring about a grossly obese child with nobody but a gaga grandma to look after him and the director of department-store security (Bernie Mac) catches wise to the pair’s disguise, will their Grinchly ways lead them to the jingling bells of maximum-security prison? Regardless, in this festive farce you’ll find yourself snorting and saying, “God bless them, every one.”

Lisa Ross

Sexy - as Milwaukee Bartender

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