Fair warning: Depending on your opinion of Aubrey Plaza, you're either going to find this trailer incredibly endearing or impossibly irritating.

Skin Central, as it turns out, finds her adorable, and so we're pretty into this red-band trailer for Aubrey's new movie The To Do List (2013), about a young woman who makes a list of all the sex acts she'd like to try (get it? "The to DO List?"). The only creepy part? Aubrey's playing a high school senior trying to accomplish all this before she goes off to college, but hey-- high school kids are usually 18 by the time they graduate, right? Some of 'em, anyway? (For the record, Aubrey is 28 in real life).

There's no nudity in this trailer (just a lot of dirty talk), and The To Do List doesn't hit theaters until February 14, 2013, but you can get an eyeful of Aubrey's Parks and Recreation co-stars Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler right here at MrSkin.com!