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At Home with the Webbers

At Home with the Webbers (1993)

No Nudity


Eerily prophesizing the onset of reality TV, At Home with the Webbers deals with a supposedly average American family who have their lives turned upside down when a TV producer installs cameras in every corner of their home with a view to turning them into a TV show. The trouble is, this isn’t anything like the average American family. It’s not even the average Hollywood family. This family is so messed up that Jerry Springer would have a hard time turning them into watchable TV.So who is in the average American family? David Arquette is the grumpy teen, obsessing over a dead girlfriend. Jennifer Tilly is the grumpy artist, obsessing over her desire to create a sculpture of the perfect man. Jeffrey Tambor is the not quite grumpy but not quite anything resembling happy father, obsessing over the fact that he stinks at his job. Rita Taggart is mom, not grumpy, not funny, not interesting, not… anything.Throwing them all together is Robby Benson, hack TV producer and generally smarmy sonuvabitch; a bastard in every sense and the kind of guy who would intentionally put the family in danger to get a rating point bonus.So the family begrudgingly accepts this great honor and slowly all turn into celebrity primadonnas, all except Blinky Arquette that is. Blinky prefers to sulk, trash his room and be silent, while teenage girls across the world fall for his rebellious ways. Also enjoying an upswing (no pun intended) is Jennifer Tilly, who is now bedding the best looking men in the world and taking plaster casts of their best bits for her sculpture.Overall, At Home with the Webbers is one of those movies that won’t have bored, offended, delighted or entertained you when it’s all over. It’s like an Ab-Roller infomercial – you know you really should watch something else but you never quite reach the point where you’re sufficiently bored to reach for that remote. Tambor gives a rare dull performance, Tilly grates on a level not seen since Rosie Perez stopped doing speaking roles and Robby Benson is just plain irritating.The storyline is strictly TV movie stuff. Playing out like an extended TV show, nobody seems too bothered about making history with this thing, just getting through it unscathed and collecting a paycheck. Though in hindsight we might have seen this as a warning as to what TV would become, now it’s a case of “okay and then?” Sure, Jennifer Tilly gets down to some serious underwear action in this thing but really… so what? Even if she were the only reason you rented the movie, you could see far more skin from her in any number of better movies.In a word, yawn.Nudity Report: Jennifer Tilly shows some nice cleavage and ‘almost nudity’ but ultimately the amount of skin she shows here is disappointing.Ratings: IMDB: 5.7/10, Amazon: 4/5, OZ: 2/5 - It doesn’t totally stink but it’s pretty bare-bones stuff.Versions: TV/VHS – No DVD of this flick yet and the VHS version is priced at ‘rental only’ rates ($90 a tape), so your best option is to catch it on TV. Don’t fear the censor cuts – there’s not much to cut.Written by: OZ