Apparently in Los Angeles you go to something called the Grove to meet Santa Claus, and apparently this is what you wear! Oh gosh us Chicagoians sure have a lot to learn. Earlier this week Ariel Winter took her niece to meet the man in red, but talked on the phone because nieces are boring. Of course, the main aRACKtion here is Ariel's epic cleavage in a dress that is as revealing as possible without actually showing the goods. People are calling this a "plunging neckline" but what I'm seeing exceeds that definition. This is like a struggling titty catcher, and all I want to do is reach in there and untie that bow to release the boobage. With her shorter hair, always jaw-dropping boobs, and legs up to here, Ariel Winter is definitely looking her sexiest in these new pics. Is she all you want for Christmas? Check out the pics and decide!

Images Via Splash Media