Won't you go show me you the shit?

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Now that it's officially fall, you have the choice of either catching Ariel Winter as busty nerd Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, OR as the busty Instagram model who obviously wants to be naked! Go with your Skinstinct! Within 24 hours the actress has fired off two sexy pictures: One giving a peek of cheek and the other one giving a peek of almost inside her body. It's hard to think of another starlet who so aggressively shows off as much skin as Winter, and the fact that she's become the queen Insta-tease at the tender age of 18 brings tears to my eyes. Proud Uncle. 



A photo posted by ARIEL WINTER (@arielwinter) on

On the tamer side, we've got a picture of Ariel upstaging some rando girl with no followers while looking out over the railing. It's a day on Earth, so of course Ariel is doing that thing where she turns jean shorts into a jean thong. I like when she does that thing. Ariel fills out her Guess jeans like only she can, and her lower ass cheek is out and proud, per usual.

The picture that will really have you at attention, I mean get your attention, is the one in which Winter strikes a subtle pose while wearing Amazonian warrior sandals, a shirt-ish thing, shorts, and a bra. I mean, you really can't get much more "come hither" than this! Even though Ariel gives an adorably coy face in the Insta post, the cat's kind of out of the bag in terms the pic's intent, because she's kind of shoving her chocha in our faces. Right where it belongs. Is Ariel just getting hotter and hotter? Yes, she is!

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